WWDC Musings

You thought you didn’t have much to say about Apple’s recent WWDC announcements (all good: new PowerMacs, Panther, obvious in-roads to the corporate world, etc.) until you read John Gruber’s article. You disagree with him on almost every point he makes. Below, please find a point-for-point a rebuttal for each of his comments on the subject.

Note: John Gruber is a very nice guy and also a friend, and (don’t worry) this won’t strain the friendship. He lives for things like this!

PowerMac G5’s

Aluminum. Modern. Minimalist. Quiet. Good.

Metallic Finder Windows

Aluminum. Modern, Minimalist. Fast. Good.

iChat and iSight

Everyone is saying: Video conferencing.

Apple is saying: Talk to Grandma and Grandpa in Boca.

Apple is thinking: Mandatory in-road to the corporate world, where Wintel-based video conferencing rules and Apple is struggling for a foothold.


Speed enhancements. That’s something to gripe about?


Looks great, but you’d still prefer a built-in app-switcher (like LiteSwitch X).

Update: Looks like you got your wish.


US Government: You can use Mac’s in your enterprise now that they (finally) comply with your security standards. No more excuses Uncle Sam. Time to start buying Macs again.


A more familiar, more standard IDE. Good. (By the way, Project Builder only uses the “everything-in-one-window” mode if you selected the “I’m A Newbie — Mommy I’m Scared!” option during configuration. The rest of us use multi-window mode.)

Safari 1.0

WebCore: About time.

Incomplete AppleScript support: Yawn.

What Gruber Didn’t Mention

Font Book: Goodbye Extensis Suitcase, we hardly knew ye (and you were too expensive).

Integrated Faxing: Goodbye FaxSTF, you were sub-par (but at least you came free with a new Mac purchase … Oh, and Windows had built-in fax capabilities 5 years ago).

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