Wilma's Aftermath

The Narrator in Hurricane WIlma

Hurricane Wilma was a surprisingly powerful storm. Here in Orlando, about 200 miles from the main path of the storm, you received winds between 35 and 50 mph, and about four inches or so of rain in several hours. Although there was no damage to your home, power (and cable/Internet) was out for an extended period of time.

During the worst of the storm, you ventured outside while your wife, astonished by your foolishness, snapped the picture above.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as well for your family in south Florida. The damage to your Mother’s home and the surrounding area is extensive. Many windows in her house were completely shattered (including several sliding glass doors), and her home was exposed fully to the elements for an extended period, allow additional damage from water intrusion. The roof may also have damage.

The neighborhood streets were flooded. There’s no power in her area, and according to news reports it’s possible that it may take weeks to fully restore it. Worse, they have no phone or cell service because of the power issues. The area is under a boil-water order, but even if there were power, the low water pressure would still be a problem.

This was probably the worst hurricane that most areas of south Florida have experienced since 1950 (Hurricane Andrew in 1992 was a powerful but more localized storm).

It’s a bad scene down there, and the damage from this storm will likely be second only to Hurricane Katrina this season.

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