Wii Transfer 2.7 with Improved Video Streaming

The Wii is turning into a great example of a multi-purpose device (see yesterday’s post about Netflix streaming). Today, Manton Reece writes about the latest version of Wii Transfer, which features improved video streaming.

For this release, I sat down with Wii Transfer and a ripped copy of Star Trek, and I just watched it over and over, experimenting with different Flash Video conversion settings and tweaking networking code. I wasn’t going to release this until I could watch a 2-hour movie without any rebuffering. The quality is never going to be as good as a console or set-top box with dedicated video streaming features — this is Flash on the Wii we are talking about — but I’m happy with what I came up with.

Wii Transfer 2.7 is a free upgrade for 1.0 owners.

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