What Monday Brings

The new iMac is simple, elegant, and obvious in a vaguely familiar way (think: desk-lamp).

Say what you want about Mac OS X (good: UNIX-derived – bad: bogged down UI), the new iMac looks cool.

Moving on.

Tips for the Domesticated Man:

  • Frosting-covered “BubbleGum Buddies” in the shape of a snow-man or Santa are not actually intended for consumption, no matter how hungry you think you feel.

  • You can still be a loving husband without accompanying her to the grocery store. Find a way out. It’s hell in there.

  • The garbage men really won’t take the wood-pile, even if you stubbornly leave it there week after week.

  • The Sopranos should be enough to justify the cost of a subscription to all premium cable/satellite channels. If she still needs convincing, tell her Sex in the City comes on after. Watch it with her if you have to, it’s not bad.

Have you encrypted your email address yet?

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