This weekend, not over yet, was hefty. You even sustained several small flesh-wounds doing battle with pointy foliage. More on this later.

You also updated the Narrator’s biography page and the Hivelogic FAQ. Both documents now use the new style sheets, and both now validate. Additionally, the archive page has been updated to reflect the post-centric (as opposed to the date-centric) nature of this website. You’re almost done.

A Postmaster weblog detailing all aspects of the application’s development and functionality will premier soon. You’re getting closer.

Watching Star Trek The Motion Picture over the weekend, you can’t help but wonder whatever happened to the beautiful, albeit bald, Persis Khambatta (Lieutenant Ilia). Sadly, you discover that she died of a massive heart attack in 1998, a mere 49 years old.


Why, when you search for Star Trek on the IMDB, one of the top results returned is a movie called I Am an Old Smoking, Moving Indian Movie Star?

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