Ventriloquist's Dummy

The conversation between my wife and myself this morning in the car went
something like this:

WIFE: Do you remember My Buddy?


WIFE & MYSELF (singing): My Buddy, my buddy, wherever I go, he goes …

WIFE: That thing was creepy. It looked like a weird ventriloquist’s dummy.

MYSELF: I know. They came out with one for girls too: Kid Sister.

WIFE & MYSELF (singing): Kid Sister, kid sister, wherever I go, she goes …

MYSELF: I think that was worse.

WIFE: My brother used to love GI Joe.

MYSELF: That was a good show. Who was your favorite? I liked Snake Eyes the best (does ninja move while driving). I bet you liked The Indian.

WIFE: My brother liked Snake Eyes but I always thought the girl characters were better. They could kick butt and always had good hair.

I guess you had to be there. And maybe even then.

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