Today you released a minor version update of the Anti-Spam Email Address Enkoder. The new version (5.2) fixes a bug where an extra space might appear after the encoded address on a web page.

The truly new version (6.0) of the Enkoder, to be released within the next week, will come in several flavors:

  1. A free web-form with basic and advanced link-text options.
  2. A smaller, faster, freeware Mac OS X application with basic and advanced link-text options.
  3. A smaller, faster, shareware Mac OS X application with basic and advanced link-text options, the ability to save previous addresses and settings, batch link creation, and more.
  4. A shareware version of the Enkoder application for Windows. Yes, really.
  5. A shareware version for use on a server or at the command-line for automated, on-the-fly address encoding and more.

All this, and increased compatibility with even more web-browsers, including Opera and ancient versions of Netscape to boot.

Note: Many people write you asking if they can have the source-code for the Enkoder. The source code will not be made available, but using one of the shareware versions mentioned above (the server-side implementation, for example), you could easily roll your own, so to speak.

The Morning News Sells Out Gets Ads

The girls over at The Morning News now have optional-advertisements running on their site. Their ads, just like the ones here on Hivelogic, can be easily turned on or off, courtesy of the Advert System you created for use here and donated to their project.

Speaking Of Ads

Said via iChat today by your friend John Gruber in receipt of his Adsense dividends, a tedious, perforated, check-as-envelope thing:

Opening this envelope is like a low-grade IQ test.

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