Thursday's Notes

  1. Textism has redesigned using web standards. The result is a stylish, classic site that’s just as pretty under-the-hood.
  2. Someone needs to step-up already and offer you a really good hosting deal. You could make such a person (or company) quite a bit of money in referral business. Although Dreamhost is a fantastic webhost, there’s no denying the benefits of managing your own server.
  3. Panther is due out October 24th, just in time for your birthday.
  4. Microsoft is launching a scaled-down version of it’s Content Management Server at discount prices.
  5. iSight is as cool, useful, and fun as everyone says. Your intercontinental counterpart/nemesis Bogan doesn’t sound as much like Steve Irwin as you were lead to believe. This was both a relief and a disappointment.
  6. You have removed the advertisements from this site by choice (you didn’t approve of their newly updated End-User Agreement).
  7. You’re moving to North Carolina in a matter of days.
  8. Hermit Crabs.

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