The Wordpress Thing

You have been receiving a large volume of email regarding your current use of Wordpress to produce Hivelogic. Comments on Photo Matt reflect some of this interest.

While many people ask how you made the switch, most want to know why you’re not using one of your numerous (and unreleased) weblog systems — and if you weren’t going to use your own system, why you chose wordpress instead of something else.

Why Not Your Own?

Your use of Wordpress is only temporary. You’ve been so busy as of late that you haven’t had the time to invest in getting your own (temporary) mini-weblog-system running the way it should have. You wanted to abandon it and get something up-and-running very quickly that would have the minimum features you needed to manage Hivelogic until you could finish the true weblog system you started building two (2) years ago, and intend to finish soon, in your “spare time.”

Why Wordpress

Your new webhost (more details on this in an upcoming post) offers Wordpress as a one-click install in the control panel. You already have MySQL at your disposal. WP is written in PHP and is easily modified if/as needed.

This is actually one of WP’s strong-points — it can be setup rather quickly if you have the pre-requisites in place.

But in any case, it’s temporary.

Why Not Movable Type?

Nothing against it. But your new webhost does not offer a one-click install of Movable Type in the control panel. Movable Type is a set of Perl scripts, and you don’t code in Perl unless you have no choice.


The weblog software you’ve been tinkering with (mentioned above) will be finished one day soon. When it’s done, you may just release the thing for real this time (if it still makes sense to do so).

The other day, Gruber said “It’s too bad I don’t get to read Hivelogic anymore.” “You can read it anytime you want,” you told him. “Well yeah, but there’s nothing new there.” He’s right, and hopefully you can fix that issue as well.

Also, happy new year.

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