The Wonderbra Effect

In response to your Narrator’s diatribe on tab collars, our colleague, the kick-boxing trumpet-player J.B. Newman, writes:

I’m afraid I must disagree. The purpose of the tab is not to bring the tie closer to the shirt, but rather to push it further out, horizontally.

As you’ve no doubt noted, a perfectly tied tie will angle nattily away from the shirt. As the tie loosens over the course of the day, that outward turn is lost well before the tie gaps away from the collar. Hence the tab, which boosts the tie jauntily throughout the day. Sort of a wonderbra effect; a little lift can go a long way.

Something to think about, ladies and gentlemen.


Yesterday’s post about Hivelogic’s image-rotating PHP script has been updated with a direct-link to download the code. Cut-n-paste, it would seem, is so 90’s.

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