The Un-Designing of Hivelogic

You have redesigned Hivelogic. Actually, what you’ve done is reverted to an ancient design (circa 2002) with new underpinnings (better XHTML, new CSS, new typeface choices).

You’ve taken a step back in time with this design, returning to your roots by using the kind of simple look you were once known for. The emphasis is, again, on the textual content rather than the design. The concept, as evidenced by the CSS tag names, is that this page is a note generated by an old-fashioned type-writer on letter-head (featuring, of course, the logo designed for the previous version by the sinister JSM).

Links should appear with typewriter-style underlines and, when hovered-over, they will turn yellow as if the reader has highlighted them with a marker.

Mac users will see the text set in American Typewriter, with headings set in Futura. Windows and UNIX/Linux users will see Georgia and Tahoma, respectively. Such is life.

Many people unfamiliar with the old-style Hivelogic will find this new look distasteful, ugly, and piteous while others, perhaps the long-time readers, may find the change comforting, a return to the familiar.

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