The Time Is Now

Postmaster News:

Several new 11th Hour features have been added to Postmaster, an easy to use, open, cross-platform weblog system. Check the newly updated status page for the details.

Your Help Needed:

With the sudden demise of the company that provided its free hosting and co-location services, Postmaster has found itself without a home.

If your servers have Java, a JSP/Servlet container (like Tomcat or Websphere or JRun), a database (ideally MySQL), and a high-speed connection to the net, please contact .

By offering free hosting or co-location to Postmaster, you’ll be helping to bring the system to the people, making the world a better place and enriching the quality of life on the web. You’ll be a hero. The winner your guidance counselor told you you’d never be. The next John Glenn. Or Frank Sinatra, even. This is your chance. The time is now.

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