The Reason Why

At this point, you wonder why he’s still talking about his new omnipotent weblog management system (at one point, codenamed, memento, ahem, move along please). So you ask him.

YOU: So Blogger wasn’t good enough, then?

HIM: It was fine, but it was unavailable a lot, and my firewall at work interferes with it in a way that makes it unusable.

YOU: Oh. So why not just use Greymatter, Movable Type, Diaryland, or Manilla?

HIM: You know, each of them probably would have worked, but in any of those cases I’d still be subject to the state of another person’s software. If something were to go wrong, financial troubles, data loss, service interruption, a major bug found, you get the idea, I’d be screwed. And I also don’t like the idea of someone else owning all my data.

YOU: So will you be sharing the software? Can I try it too?

HIM: Yes, I’ll probably host the app and let people use it for free.

YOU: Well at least you’re updating your site again.

You should let him know if you’d like to try it.

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