The Paleo Diet: A Link Primer

Ever since I mentioned it on a recent episode of my new show The Daily Edition, lots of people have been asking me for more information about the Paleo diet I’ve been on. I mentioned that as a result of following this diet (which involves avoiding gluten, among other things) has resulted in dramatic health benefits for me and my family. The Paleo diet, which resembles but differs in some important ways from low-carb/slow-carb or 4HB diets, has been around for several decades, and has a great deal of science behind it.

Weight loss is an almost guaranteed side-effect (but not necessarily the goal) of this diet, which isn’t so much a “diet” as a lifestyle change, and ideally a permanent one, that you’ll make to the way you eat and live. As a family, over the last year (but very soon after starting the diet), we saw the alleviation of allergies and eczema, cholesterol issues, improved energy, better sleep, and most importantly, the elimination of something I’d struggled most of my life with: hypoglycemia. Most people who share their experiences with eating this way have similar results, but it’s kind of hard to believe until you experience some of the benefits for yourself.

This post, then, is an introduction through links to getting started with a Paleo diet. Below are some of the books and links that helped us get on this path. I hope this primer helps even just one person out there get healthier, lose some weight, or recover from an auto-immune disorder (it helped me do all three).

Books for Newbies:

General information from the experts in the field:



Paleo/Primal foodie blogs:

In a society like ours which relies heavily on gluten and grain based food, it can be tough to make this kind of dietary change, but in my and my family’s experience, it’s been more than worth it.

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