The Narrator Makes His Return To The Web

On The Infrequent Posting of Late

Some-times you just don’t post every day. Especially when you’re incredibly busy with the tedium and the details and the work and the changes. Eventually you begin to metamorphasize as your life is sucked like marrow from your bones, leaving behind a dry, leathery, heaping, shamble, a ripped and prodded sack containing a broken framework of sticks, stuffed with discarded meat and automotive-grease, and there’s that ticking sound from your guts like an old alarm clock. Then the sky gets dark and the storms roll-in and the rain blends everything together, and you’re right there, part of that mess.

You know. You’ve been there yourself. Then it’s done and you turn the page.

About Apple

Right. Apple is still in it, manufacturing what is the best hardware and software out there. People complaining about Apple’s recent announcements (MacOS 10.2 will cost everyone $129) haven’t ever worked with Microsoft (or Sun or IBM) in the enterprise. That’s where you really get jacked.

Nothing in life is free, and you get what you pay for. Apple never promised that iTools (now .mac) would be free forever. Even Microsoft now charges for real Hotmail accounts. And Windows XP, while cheaper off-the-shelf, has a much higer TCO. Just ask your buddies in IT how they really feel about Windows. Be sure to bring a sack-lunch. The days of Microsoft owning the desktop are nearing an end.

The Interview

Issue #2 of Kristian Walker’s Thinking Around Corners features an interview with The Narrator. Topics include software-development, Postmaster, and Stanley Kubrick, among others. The interview, when printed, is suitable for framing.

The Death of Postmaster Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Expect some announcements in the very near future. Something big might be right around the corner.

Okay then.

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