The Mechanical Advantage

The Hivelogic Appliance Showroom is open for business. Now made entirely of soy-based products, the Showroom features all of Hivelogic’s tools and utilities together in one place.

Downloading open-source code has never been so easy!

A Script for All Seasons:

No more scouring the web for a do-it-all script to handle your forms. SaveForm is here!

Direct from the showroom floor, Hivelogic is proud to give away SaveForm, a cgi script developed in Perl (and donated for use here) by my programming-mentor

The script saves form data submitted by browsers in several ways: it can send email, append to a file on the server, and insert a row in a database table. After saving the form data, it can redirect to a specified address. It is far from hacker-proof, however, so use it only on an intranet that consists of trusted users.

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