The Golden Age of Desktops

Long ago (decades in Internet time) The Narrator ran a site called Dan’s Daily News. In addition to posting news (most of it the same news everyone else posted), he would frequently release desktop backgrounds and patterns for your consumption.

And consume them you did. You even sent in screenshots of your desktop using The Narrator’s backgrounds. Those were the legendary Golden Days of the Internet, and you can still remember them as if they were yesterday.

Earlier this week, a previous DDN reader and current Hivelogic visitor sent an email making the suggestion that Hivelogic bring back this tradition. You know, he wrote, just because Zeldman is delivering backgrounds doesn’t mean you can’t too.

So today, with a nod to Zeldman and in tribute to times long past, your Narrator opens the doors to two new divisions in the Hivelogic Empire: the Hivelogic Desktop Gallery and the Hivelogic Visitor Screenshot Gallery.

What You Should Do Now:

Download a few of the blue, minimalist desktop images (Currently limited to larger, right-handed, PC style images. Smaller sizes and lefty-Mac desktops to be delivered tomorrow).

Take a screenshot of your desktop with a Hivelogic background (or without, who cares) and send it in (submission instructions on the visitor page).

Tune your radio to AM talk or Jazz (your choice), sit back, and watch for your submission to appear in the gallery.

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