The Enkoder 2.0.4

In the silence of night, the latest version of the Enkoder for Mac OS X was jettisoned from the Hiveware mothership, unleashing the following enhancements and bug-fixes upon the unsuspecting pupulace:

  • Code improvements for proper validation and increased compatability with older browsers
  • Updated Mac OS X style icon
  • Automatic version-checking at startup or from the menu
  • Added a Donation menu (in case you feel generous)
  • Fixed a bug in help
  • Several GUI enhancements (such as a spinner which displays during CPU and network activity)

Grab your your copy now.

For those of you without Mac OS X, there’s always the Enkoder Form, a web version of the Enkoder with identical functionality.


You are hard at work on the ground-up rewrite of Postmaster (no longer even called that). It is significantly different from Blogger, Movable Type, and Textpattern in execution and delivery, appeals to a slightly different user demographic, and despite what they say on the AM radio stations, is not in competition with those systems. Saying more at this juncture wouldn’t be prudent. Not gonna’ do it.

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