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Talking with his colleague about the so-called “ugly” cars Honda designs especially for the US Market, Matt Linderman from 37signals writes:

Ernest wonders why the cars Honda designs for markets outside the U.S. look better than the ones designed specifically for the American market. Could it be that Americans just have bad taste?

He continues:

Things used to be a lot more beautiful here […] Look back at photos of the 20’s: People wore suits while waiting in breadlines. And decades ago, American cars were gorgeous.

Perhaps without realizing it (or without getting into it), Matt is pointing to an interesting observation: Personal dress and style affects both people’s perception of you, but also the things you create, the items you purchase, and even the places you go.

Is the style one dons in the morning and observes throughout the day strong enough — over time — to affect an entire industry?

There’s an interesting discussion going on in the comments.

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