Ten (10) Years

It’s a busy day in Squaresville.

Visitor Screenshot Gallery:

The Visitor Gallery has received a nice update, with notable contributions from the web’s rich-and-famous, including Josh Allen, Todd Dominey, G.K. Nelson, Ernie Hsiung, more! Take a look, and submit yours today.


For all intents and purposes, Postmaster is complete.

We’re just exorcising the last few bugs before we roll-out the first version to beta-testers.

(If you have written-in asking to be a beta-tester and haven’t heard back: this is normal. If you haven’t written-in asking to be a beta-tester and think you’d like to be one: it’s not too late.)

Site Updates:

Several of Hivelogic’s sub-pages have been updated in the move away from ancient style-sheets and toward site-wide xhtml compliance and validation. Additionally, for your enjoyment, several new links now appear in the Hivelogic Empire section of the sidebar.


Today, Johnny Carson has been off the air for ten years. Below, for your perusal, I have included a copy of my most recent letter to Mr. Carson.


Please come back. Things have gone downhill since you’ve been gone. Television is lost without you. The most moronic of idiots now control the networks, pushing the buttons willy-nilly, all random-like.

Monkeys, all!

Please come back and fix things. Swing the club one more time. Wear the Swami hat again. Get back here and make things right. Only you can save the TV.

Just think about it.

Your pal,


P.S. Did you like the cookie? I baked it myself! Have you ever seen such a big cookie before? Chocolate chip!


The newly-established and recently-stocked at-home-bar won’t be complete without a nice, old-school, manual citrus juicer. I can’t seem to find a good one.


Found a good one. This one is better. Ahh, this one is the best.

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