T-Shirt Update (Updated, Ha!)

Update: Ok, ok! Enough of you are asking me to wait a bit longer before I place the order (seems like a bunch of you still need more time to order). I’ll hold off placing my order until Wednesday, March 21st ad 12pm EST. But that’s it!

I’m totally humbled by your response to the T-Shirt Sale. I had no idea so many people would want one. Thanks so much to everybody who has bought one, this is really amazing.

Of course, having a Dan Cederholm designed logo doesn’t hurt sales, either.

A few people have written in asking when they will ship. Just like it says at the bottom of my T-Shirts page, I’ll be placing the first order at 12pm EST on Monday, March 19th (which also happens to be my Mom’s birthday … happy birthday Mom!).

So if you haven’t ordered your shirt and want to get in on the first (and possibly only?) batch, order now.

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