T-Shirt Shipment Update

Here’s an update on the status of Hivelogic T-Shirt shipments, orders, membership, and more.

Hivelogic Membership

If you have already received your officially sanctioned Hivelogic T-Shirt, you may have noticed the paper insert containing your Membership Key. The Membership Section is now live, ready for you to enter your key and get registered.

I bet you didn’t know you were becoming a Hivelogic Member when you were purchasing a T-Shirt, did you? Well, neither did I … it was a last minute idea, but it may just prove to be an interesting experiment going forward.

I’m sorry the Membership Section wasn’t online by the time some of you received your T-Shirts. I went on a quick trip without my Macbook and didn’t realize I hadn’t deployed the latest code before I left. A big thanks to Ezra at EngineYard for his quick response and help getting a “coming soon” page in place when I called him via my cell phone from a noisy coffee shop down by the Marina.

Domestic Shipment Status

All of the domestic T-Shirt orders shipped out on Monday. If you’re in the continental US and haven’t received yours yet, it should be arriving presently. Once you get it, why not take a picture, upload it to Flickr, and add it to the Hivelogic Group.

International Shipment Status

These orders should ship no later than Monday, April 16th. Shipping a T-Shirt overseas requires a customs form … and these need to be filled out by hand. The form is a bit tedious and time consuming, hence the slight delay in shipping out the international orders. But don’t worry, they’ll be there soon!

What Else Is New?

Actually, there’s a whole lot that’s been happening that I can’t talk about just yet. Stay tuned, some interesting news is forthcoming.

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