The link-bar at the top of this page has been updated, reviving the famous Desktop Gallery (soon to be updated) for your downlading delight. Additionally, changes have been made to the Hivelogic style sheets. Please reload this page, especially if things look a bit odd.

Internet Explorer users on all platforms: Please empty your cache and then reload this page, especially if things look a bit odd.

New RSS Feed Update:

Hivelogic is now available as an RSS 2.0 feed (upgraded from 0.92). This addition is only one of many recent improvements to the existing Postmaster (written in PHP), but is already present in the new version, currently under development. It’s tedious to maintain and improve an older system (written some 3 years ago) that you know will soon go away and simultaneously create a new system that is solid, elegant, portable, and in short, everything that the first version was not. Nevertheless, you continue.

Enkoder News

Both the new Enkoder Form and the Enkoder Application for Mac OS X are complete and in final beta testing for release as early as later today or early tomorrow.

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