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Hivelogic turned 9 years old last month. Since I started the site back in 2000, I’ve published over 700 articles, most of which are still available in the archives. I’ve done my best to inform, entertain, and help the community that I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of. I’m humbled that you have kept coming back, reading articles, listening to the podcasts, adding great comments, and in turn, you’ve become a part of a reasonably-sized, dedicated, and focused audience of developers, designers, geeks, podcasters, photographers, and Apple fans.

A New Focus

I’m grateful every day that I have an opportunity to write something that’s helpful. Lately, I’ve been focusing on this goal, writing and linking to articles that are useful to people, that help them discover quality, lead more effective, simpler, and more mindful lives. It’s becoming a mantra for me here as I prepare to choose a topic to write about, an article to link to, or a product to review. I find I’m spending more time doing research and being more thorough when I’m in production mode, and I hope the results show that.

Weekly RSS Feed Sponsorships

Now you can help support this site and my work here while reaching my audience at the same time. If you have a product or service that you’d like to promote, you can sponsor my syndicated RSS feed on a weekly basis.

Hivelogic receives about 100-125,000 views per month, and the RSS feed is read by an estimated 25-30,000 interested, intelligent, and savvy individual readers per month.

I actually soft-launched the RSS sponsorships a couple of months ago by announcing it in my Twitter feed. I was really surprised by the great response, and sold the first couple of months rather quickly. I’m hoping I’ll have the same kind of success by announcing it here on the site.

There are still a few sponsorship opportunities open for March 2009, and plenty for April and May.

How It Works

The cost is $300 for a one week sponsorship until the end of March 2009, when the price will go back to the normal price listed on the Sponsorship page. There is only one sponsor per week.

At the start of each week, I’ll publish a promotional post describing your product and services, which will go out to all of this site’s subscribers. This post will link to the URL of your choice, taking visitors directly to your website.

The post stands out visually from other (non-sponsored) posts and is sticky … it will remain on the main page of the site all week long, regardless of how many times additional I post or articles I write, meaning that every visitor will see it for the entire duration of the week both in their RSS feeds and on the site itself.

If you’re interested, please check out the Sponsorship page for additional information, or with questions and comments.

Final Thoughts

Making this change was a big step for me. Changing the dynamic of this site — even slightly — isn’t something I take lightly, but it’s part of bigger plans I have for Hivelogic in 2009 and with your help, I’ll be able to continue to create useful content, and get a couple of new projects off the ground as well.

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