Spock Rises from the Dead

Design tweaks to Postmaster v2 (new name and website imminent) continue. Catch a glimpse here.

Spock, The Narrator’s ancient UNIX server (which is a non-geek term for a Sun Sparc 10 dual-cpu running Solaris 8, Apache (with PHP), MySQL, Tomcat, more) has risen, phoenix-like, and is returned to functionality as a home-based development server. This will make the continued programming and testing of Postmaster v2 a more simple, direct task.


The author running the weblog known as Dooce has closed up shop, explaining that the site caused excessive damage to her life and her loved-ones. She will now begin writing under an assumed name.

Hivelogic.com is over one year old and isn’t planning on leaving anytime soon. As the predatory soldiers in Paul Theroux’s novel The Mosquito Coast said after taking over Allie Fox’s jungle-compound: “We like it here.”

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