Spinning Beachball of Death

Users have been reporting problems viewing the Desktop Image Gallery and its spouse the Visitor Screenshot Gallery using Internet Explorer 5.1 on MacOS X.

Update [May 20]:

Using the lesson’s (re)learned in ALA’s Practical CSS Layout Tips, there are now two columns of images again.

What Happened:

Both pages caused IE 5.1 (on MacOS X) to lock up.

The Tradeoff:

Whereas before you saw (on a PC or MacOS 9) two images per row, now you will see only one. The pages still look fine, but now there will be more scrolling. Which is bad. Because scrolling is bad. You don’t like scrolling. Scrolling is so mid-90’s.

The Explanation:

It only takes a single line of mediocre CSS to crash IE 5.1 on MacOS X. (On the PC, IE and Mozilla render the pages correctly, as does Mozilla on the Mac.)

The Moral:

Always check your pages in every browser and on every platform before you go with your wife to the outlet mall.

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