Smoke and Mirrors

I’m busy here today, working on making your user experience at Hivelogic even better. Carriage-returns, line-feeds, and combinations of said must be converted into <p> and </p> as appropriate both within Postmaster and that new-fangled comments system that’s so popular with the kids these days.

Update: Done. Comment System 1.1 (codenamed: Quimby) in full-effect.

If you’re thinking you might want to join us for the 2002 Southeast WebloggerCon taking place at a theme-park selected by you, stay tuned. Jill and I will be making the details available shortly.

It occurs to me that, at least for a brief and turbulent period of time during the pre-Castro era, Alley McBeal was a funny show with characters and storylines that entertained you. What happened, and who are all those new laywers?

Further, what’s left on network television besides Scrubs and the occasional episode of Frasier or Will & Grace? With shows like The Sopranos and Six Feet Under, HBO has raised the bar so much as to obsolete regular television all-together.

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