Saving Screens

To those of you who are new to the site, perhaps arriving here via TechTV’s The Screen Savers … Welcome, glad you are here! Please, make yourself at home. Visit the Archive, make-use of the Appliances, peruse the FAQ or read the Narrator’s bio. Reload the page and watch the images at the top change. Have a cigar.

For the Regular Visitors: It was your great pleasure (and surprise) to learn that the recently updated Hivelogic Email Address Encoder will be featured as TechTV’s The Screen Saver’s Download of the Day.

The show will air this evening at 7pm EST. It will re-air at 10pm EST, and then again Wednesday morning at 2am EST. Watch them all, even the one at 2am. You might miss something, so you should tune-in each time, just in case.

It would seem that The Encoder is also a Lockergnome Favorite to boot!

So far, a pretty good week.

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