RSS Feed Apologies

I’m sorry about the recent deluge of old posts in the RSS feed.

In case you haven’t visited the site recently, last week I launched a completely redesigned Hivelogic, ditching my old blogging tool in favor of ExpressionEngine. Of course there’s more to this story, due in an upcoming post.

Rather than wait until then to spill the beans about this change however, and as much as I enjoy your fervent and sometimes frustrated emails, I’ve decided to let you (my patient readers) know that I’m aware of the recent double-post of ancient articles. It doesn’t have to do with the new publishing system so much as a change in the way I was encoding the content, which was slightly incompatible with Google Reader. Changing the publishing system also changed the unique ID’s used for the posts, potentially causing a second set of posts to appear new in your reader.

Fortunately, with the fix in place and a more reliable tool at my disposal, we can put this mess behind us. It shouldn’t happen again.


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