A Reviews FAQ

I wanted to respond to the questions I’ve received in both emails and article comments regarding the reviews I’ve been posting recently. Rather than address them individually however, I thought I’d take this opportunity to create a short article, almost a “Review FAQ” of sorts, to explain things concisely.

Why Are You Writing Reviews?

I’ve been publishing reviews on Hivelogic for many years (there is a Reviews category dating back at least to 2006). I spend a tremendous amount of time researching the products that I purchase and use, and when I find something great, I like to let people know. My hope is that Hivelogic readers might benefit from what I’ve learned in the process.

Are You Paid for Writing Reviews?

No. I do not accept any kind of payment, sponsorship, or advertisement for the products I review here. I believe that accepting payment for a review might taint my ability to review it honestly (and that’s what sponsorships are for, anyway).

I will accept products from companies for review but I make it a practice to either purchase or return those products after the review is complete.

If You’re Not Paid, How Come All Your Reviews Are So Positive?

I think people should only buy something once. It’s my personal goal to find products and services that are both affordable and high quality. When I find something like that, I’ll share it. I’ll do my best to point out what’s good and bad about it. But I’m not planning to write “negative” reviews, or warn people about things that aren’t great. I’d rather just write about the things that are actually great.

I Have Something I Want You To Review

Great. Contact me and tell me about the product or service. If it makes sense for me and the site, I’ll review it.

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