Regarding Work

If you or someone you know is looking for a person with the skills listed below for project, contract, or full-time work, please at once. Ideally, the position will be located somewhere within the borders of the continental United States.


  • Traditional and Web application architecture, development, and design in J2EE (JSP, Servlets, EJB), PHP, ColdFusion, Objective-C, or C, on UNIX, Linux or Windows platforms, connecting to Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, others.
  • Web design, usability testing, and standards definition and implementation.
  • System and network administration and engineering. System and network configuration, management, and deployment.
  • Sales engineering and support as well as full-on technology sales.
  • Team or department management and leadership. Project management, technical writing, and product management.
  • More.

If you do not know of such a position within your company or organization, please feel free to email this link to everyone you know, have met, or would like to meet in the future.

Also: You might consider the huge favor of linking from your weblog to this post, letting all of your readers know that the Narrator is available. When creating your link and describing the Narrator, feel free to use phrases such as “the smartest man I’ve ever met”, “an absolute genius”, and “my personal hero”.

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