Regarding The Fireland

Being your favorite weblog to read, it made you sad — everyday — that Josh Allen had used tables for Fireland’s latest redesign. In this day and age, even.

“I feel naked without my tables,” he’d say, sipping pink Zin and running his free hand through his hair over and over again.

“Your inventive visual design style lends itself well to a pure-CSS based design,” you’d tell him. But by then he’d be stumbling his way to the back-room where he’d finish out the evening doing card tricks and telling counterfeit war stories in exchange for booze and cigarettes.

So this weekend, you took it upon yourself to redesign Fireland for him, not visually, but from the inside out, taking his table-based HTML 4.0 layout and converting it to valid XHTML 1.0 Strict. The CSS validates as well.

At long last, his visitors can read his website in peace, free from the pain that was his table-based layout.

Update: You thought you’d get fancy and try to avoid the box model hack, but it seems that people using ancient versions of IE on Windows see something ugly and terrible. Stay tuned.

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