Regarding T-Shirts

The selling of merchandise, a practice espoused by many so-called “internet-darlings,” the Grubers, Cederholms, and Hsiung Boys of the blogosphere, would not fall outside the realm of possibility for this site as well.

You are considering at present offering a “T-shirt,” a garment which would be suitable for actual wearing. Also, you’re thinking about a coffee mug emblazoned with the Hivelogic logo, a sort-of container for the drinking of hot beverages. You would donate a percentage of the profit (actually, all of it in the near-term) to charities serving to aid those affected by the recent, devastating tsunamis.

If such merchandise were to be offered, you wonder: would your readers be interested in purchasing these goods? And if so, would “traditional Hivelogic imagery” be desirable? Or would logo-bearing products be preferred? And in either case, at what price? (Gruber charged a premium for the goods he sold, inspiring his detractors to label him a proprietor of “gourmet undergarments.” In reality, the quality justified the cost, and you’re happy with your purchase.)

You would hope that readers who choose to comment about the logo will keep in mind the fragile psyche of your logo’s creator, Philadelphia’s own Cinderella Boy, Jason Santa Maria.

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