Regarding Independence

For the last few years, I’ve been lucky enough to work with two great companies, first as CTO of Halogen Guides and then in as the CTO of Rails Machine. I learned far more than I’d ever anticipated that I would, and had the opportunity to work with some intelligent and successful people. It’s been an incredibly exciting and challenging few years, full of change and variety both at work and at home, with the birth of our little boy about a year and a half ago.

My role at Rails Machine had changed during my time there, too, shifting from a primarily technical and management role into something more strategic and creative in nature, with a focus on business development, evangelism, and branding. This culminated with the recent redesign and launch of the new Rails machine website.

The project opened the door for a different working relationship with the company, and represented a shift in my role there from employee to strategic partner. Going forward, I’ll still be working with Rails Machine as a Creative Advisor, but I’m officially independent again, taking the wheel here at Hivelogic World Headquarters.

What’s Next for Hivelogic?

I realize that I have an opportunity to continue to evolve Hivelogic from a blog with a somewhat wider range into a website with a more specific focus on articles that are useful, that help people discover quality, and help readers lead more effective, simpler, and more mindful lives. I’m still planning to write tutorials and reviews, and I’ll still discuss simplicity, usability, branding, and more — just with a bit of a tighter focus.

Although I’m not planning to become a so-called “full-time blogger,” I will be relying on this site for a chunk of my income, and it’s my goal to deliver the highest quality content that I’m capable of to make it worth your time to stop by.

As I’ve announced on Twitter over the last week or so, I will be selling T-shirts and mugs again as well as a few other things (I just need to work out the production and fulfillment details). People who have signed-up for the newsletter will get discounts and hear about things first.


In addition to writing here on Hivelogic and a few other websites you’ve probably heard of, I’m really excited to announce that I’ve started working with one of my long-time friends, Geoffrey Grosenbach to develop some great new content for PeepCode. We’re collaborating on some very cool projects which you’ll be hearing about very soon. If you’ve ever met Geoffrey or seen him speak, you already know why I’m so psyched to be working with him.

I’ll also be continuing to work with usability and design genius Garrett Dimon on Sifter, increasing my participation to help evolve the app, share some of the development work, collaborate on new features, and grow the business.

For Hire

I’m looking forward to writing more, collaborating with some amazing people, and podcasting when my two colleagues and I can sync up.

If you have an idea or something cool to work on and you think I might be able to help out, I’m available.

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