Regarding a Radio Show

62% of you want it. 40% of you would only listen if it was easy to do. 16% of you wouldn’t listen because it sounds boring. 20% of you wouldn’t listen because you think Internet Radio Shows are sad.

The Result: There will be a Hivelogic Radio Show™ soon. I’m currently investigating the resource-needs for the streaming server. If you know of such a beast which might lend itself into slavery for this project, please .

If you’re a Mac user, you’d be able to listen with iTunes. On Windows you’d use Winamp. On Linux or UNIX you’d use XMMS. It would be very easy. You’d click a link. The hard part would be making the pre-show drinks without melting too much ice.

Those of you who think an Internet Radio show is sad should exercise their right not to listen.

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