Recommended Tools

You are often asked what tools you use to develop code and websites. Because you are a technical person who enjoys code and takes a hands-on approach to programming and design, your toolset is made up of only several robust tools:


A free text-editor written in Java, jEdit is a coder’s dream. It features wonderful syntax highlighting for many languages (including HTML) and a tremendous set of features. It’s highly customizeable, skinnable, and quick. You can even edit remote files over FTP, plus lots more. You do everything with this editor.


Putty is an indespensible tool. Without it, how would you SSH or telnet from a Windows system? You wouldn’t.


When FTP’ing from the command-line won’t do, SmartFTP comes to the rescue. It makes transferring hundreds of multi-level files a breeze. And it’s free.

J2SE 1.4

Sun’s Java Development Kit. This is your lifeblood. And it’s free.

Visual Age for Java

When called upon to create visual Java applications, this is the tool of choice. It does things no other visual IDE can do (JBuilder doesn’t come close). It does some very amazing things. It’s also tedious, slow, and uses an ancient JRE. Overall, it’s really terrible. It is also the best there is. And it’s free for evaluation, testing, and training. If you use it in production, get your employer to foot the bill.

Adobe Photoshop

The grandpappy of image editors. King of the web. With it, you can even take boring images of scientists and make them seem interesting. Costs real money.

You hate all email-clients and instant messengers equally and prefer none. You do most of your browsing with Mozilla and IE 6 (on the PC) or IE 5.1 (on MacOS X).

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