For review:

  • The assembly and installation of your new mailbox (U.S. standard-sized white metal box and high-grade PVC cross-bar post) went as planned.
  • Your iPod Pugsley has been returned to you from Apple Repair. It works again.
  • Please turn to page 143 in your text book.
  • Ear candles really work.
  • The URL Cleaner has been updated in both appearance and functionality.
  • There are a bunch of new header-images in the rotation-pool. Reload this page several times to see a few of them.
  • Soon you’ll be releasing a whole new set of swank desktop backgrounds.
  • These brownies are terrific.
  • Adding an advert-toggler will dramatically reduce the revenues your site generates.
  • The Airborne Express delivery man always has great Jazz blaring from his truck as he makes his deliveries. He knows you by name, but you only know him as The Jazz Man.
  • Thanks to the nifty iChatUSBCam and the IOExperts driver, your ancient webcam works with iChat AV now. In theory, you and your wife can now chat with your sister-in-law in Japan, if she were ever online.
  • You’re finalizing the name of your new cigar page, which will be an independent website rather than a part of Hivelogic.
  • A Punch Rare Corojo is a bit too much on an empty stomach, even for you.


  • is dead. Long live the Mozilla Foundation.
  • There was a time when you were a Linux zealot. Then it became cool to be a Linux zealot, but by that time you weren’t really one anymore.
  • You saw several men today wearing hairpieces. Toupees. Wigs, almost. These were balding men and completely bald men wearing hairpieces that looked completely fake. You were reminded of the They Might Be Giant’s song, Purple Toupee, especially the line about “Johnson’s Wax.” If you ever go bald, you’ll do it Bruce Willis style. No rugs.

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