Quotient Measurements

Many of you who have been on the Internet for some time will remember the Usenet, an ancient and reliable system for posting messages to bulletin-boards around the globe. As you’ve heard, Google has recently relaunched its version of Usenet news archives.

The people who actually used the Usenet back then (and still, perhaps) were the geekiest of all geeks, and were proud of this fact. They wanted to brag about it to other geeks in a way that only geeks would understand, ushering the birth of the Geek Code. This set of codes, added as a tagline to your email and Usenet posts, would broadcast to everyone exactly what kind of geek you were, guaranteeing your place in geek culture forever.

Welcome to the 21st century, where weblogs are the rage. Get in line, follow the meme, and generate your Blogger Code today (link via Michael). Here’s my code:

B7 d++ t++ k s u f+ i+ o++ x-- e+ l- c--

I’ve already forgotten what it means.

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