So, someone with a machine that (temporarily, perhaps) lived at decided to submit my thoughts on shirt shopping to the The Bad Textism Contest, where writers are encouraged to lampoon Dean Allen’s writing style.

But the user in question didn’t submit the post on my behaf. No, they chose to pretend to be me, spoofing my email address and submitting the text as if it was a valid entry, sent by me.

Shame on you.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Dean is a tremendous writer, and I’m flattered to be compared with him. He is, in fact, the father of a genre of weblogs for which Hivelogic is certainly a part. But lampooning (or worse, copying) his style is not my intent. Any similarity between Dean’s style and mine should indicate, simply, that great minds think alike. This is just how I write.

Of course Dean offered to pull the submission immediately, but I asked him to leave it. I mean, why not? I think I’m winning.

Update: Not one buy two of my posts were submitted to the contest. Neither won, nor were they intended to.

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