Postmaster Meat

Only because you asked:

Postmaster v.1, the weblog (a.k.a. content-management) system your Narrator has built and which is used to manage this site is done.

This does not mean you will get to use it soon. This does mean that work on the v.1 branch (a web-based, PHP/MySQL system) will cease, and work will begin on v.2, a system being written entirely in Java (by candlelight in a large, dank, twisting network of underground caves). Think cross-platform. Portable. Scalable. Faster. Better. Java. Nice.

About Postmaster v.2

While Postmaster v.1 does many of the same things its competitors (Blogger, Movable Type, Greymatter, Radio, others!) do, there are more features that the guinea pigs have requested. Things that need doing. Rather than beat a dead horse, movement is forward.

As said, Postmaster v.2 will be 100% Java based. You will be able to post using a convenient web interface. You may also choose to use a dandy Java GUI which you could run on your PC (or Mac or Linux or UNIX or …) machine to post and manage your weblog(s).

Additionally, there will be several versions of Postmaster v.2:

Postmaster Standard:

Free system. Web application (like Blogger or Movable Type) or Java GUI client (like Radio). Your data (easily exportable) on Hivelogic’s servers.

Postmaster General:

Same features as Postmaster Standard, except: Commecial package which you purchase and host yourself. You like to run the show? This is for you.


For those of you moaning that Hivelogic looks better the old way, in Verdana: Just click the Newfangled link under the Look and Feel section, stage-right, and you’ll begin to feel at peace once again.

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