Although it doesn’t validate, features generated JavaScript, and uses nested tables for layout, the website for Jonathan Postal’s Photography is one of the best I’ve seen. Phenomenal photography meets excellent design. Detailed but simple, beautifully constructed, complete in concept and execution. Really great.

In the amature photography world, it seems like a big deal when any of your pictures, even one of your cat, is featured on a website that’s not your own.


Get ready for a 50% increase in spam. Stay tuned to Hivelogic for some important anti-spam measures in the upcoming weeks. Until then, don’t forget about the Hivelogic Anti-Spam Address Encoder

Sun tries to re-enter the desktop arena. Their niche: multimedia support, which is seriously lacking in RedHat 8.

The new version of the must-have application switching utility LiteSwitch X is out. Support for Command-Tab has returned (finally) and although it costs $15, it will work just fine until you register it, even if you wait a while.

Mozilla 1.2.1 is out, hopefully with fewer show-stopping, fatal bugs. As if you’ll use it instead of Chimera or Phoenix, anyway. I mean, c’mon.


You know full well that this site’s sub-pages don’t yet match-up with the new look of the site, and want to let everyone know it’ll be fixed soon.

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