Playgrounder is born

I’m totally thrilled to announce the launch of Playgrounder, a website helping parents and kids of all ages find the very best stuff. We post daily product coverage and news, and feature bite-sized articles on events, destinations, and services geared toward parents and kids.

I had the idea for Playgrounder about two years ago when my son was born. I couldn’t find a good resource for the kind of high-quality, interesting, and unique items we were looking for. So I started building a list, and anytime I’d find something really great, I’d add it. Looking over this list a year later, I knew I was onto something, and the timing seemed right.

I knew I couldn’t launch a site like this completely on my own. So I turned to my friend Larry Angell, founder of Uncrate, for advice. “I want to do Uncrate for kids,” I told him. It was no surprise that he’d had a similar idea as well, but didn’t have the time or resources to devote to it. So Larry signed on as my chief advisor, and shared with me the list he’d been working on — hundreds of amazing kids-related products he’d found while scouring the web for Uncrate items.

I spent several weeks analyzing the things that were great about my other favorite product blogs. Using this research, along with advice from Larry’s years of experience running Uncrate, I created a blueprint for Playgrounder that would pair big, fun, clear images, with light, witty writing. My friend Tom Carmony of Bainbridge Studios did an amazing job of bringing my rough sketches and detailed requirements to life. He nailed it.

My team at Secret Space Agency and I write each post ourselves — there’s no scraping of sites or quoting product descriptions, and each image you see is edited carefully by hand. It’s a slower process to be sure, but it’s in step with my overall goal of creating and discovering quality, so the details really count.

I’ve tried to create many ways you can explore Playgrounder to find what you’re looking for: read it like a blog, explore categories, view items by their recommended age group, search for products, and more. And of course you can subscribe to the RSS feed and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

I hope you enjoy exploring the site as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

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