The following, overheard by your Narrator in a software store (embellished when appropriate):

CUSTOMER: Do you have the latest version of Office?

EMPLOYEE: Of course. In fact, it comes bundled with this stick of chewing gum.

CUSTOMER: Wow! How much is the gum?

EMPLOYEE: The gum fifty-nine cents, but there’s a $75 rebate.

CUSTOMER: Wow! So they’re actually paying me to buy their software.

EMPLOYEE: You could say that, yes. Here you go. (hands customer shrink-wrapped box)

CUSTOMER: Oh … wait. I need the Mac version.

EMPLOYEE: Really? Sorry, the Mac version is $499.

CUSTOMER: Yeash. Is there a rebate at least?



EMPLOYEE: (picks up phone which was not ringing, turns back to customer, begins speaking into the receiver as if being asked questions)

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