Introducing Overlapr

Overlapr is a mini-app I wrote yesterday morning to display commonalities between Twitter users, starting with common followers and common friends.

I’d been wanting to write an experimental Twitter app for a while now, and although I’d had the idea for Overlapr some time ago, I was recently re-inspired by three other Twitter mini-apps: DoesFollow by The Dude himself — Damon Clinkscales, Followerlap by Eric Meyer, and TwitterCompare by Corey Grusden.

Current features include smart, bookmarkable URLs (like this one, comparing Gruber and Zeldman), and cached data for faster responses. I’m working on a few new features, like displaying the detailed follower listing (which is trickier than it sounds), and additional overlaps.

I hope you like using Overlapr as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have ideas for how I can improve it, let me know.

Technical Details

Overlapr is written in Sinatra, delivered by Phusion Passenger, and uses SQLite for database storage. I manage the source code with Mercurial via BitBucket and deploy with Capistrano.

These technologies helped engender one of the fastest idea-to-development-to-deployment experiences I’ve had in over 20 years of software development.

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