Optional Ads

The results of a recent poll (now closed) indicate that the majority of Hivelogic visitors would be willing to click on an ugly, unattractive ad in order to support this site.

Although the idea of providing your visitors with an easy way to support Hivelogic is attractive to you, forcing advertising on them is not.

You think you’ve come up with a solution, a way to present an ad to your visitors with an option for them to turn it on or off. If they want to see it, fine. If not, also fine.

Welcome to Optional Advertising

Your visitors may notice a new vertical advertisement in the sidebar at left beneath the “Advert” heading. Astute visitors will notice the link next to the heading. Inquisitive visitors will click this link, and in doing so, remove the advertisement from the page — permanently.

Once clicked, a cookie is set in your visitor’s browser. On the next visit (or reload), your visitor’s choice to display or hide the ad will be honored.

In this fashion, those who would like to support Hivelogic by viewing and clicking the ad may do so. Others who detest or fear the ad can chose to never see it again. The link will remain in case they ever change their mind.

In this fashion, your visitors may make their own choice as to their level of support.

Update: Visitors who disabled the advert before today (July 6, 2003) may need to re-disable the advert again, due to a bug, now fixed, in the cookie-setting mechanism.

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