Oozing Breed Type

Truly an upset.

It always goes like this: The glamour queen with the perfect body and dramatic hairstyle bewitches the judge (Mr. W. Everett Dean, Jr., a retired FBI-man who – despite recent injury and embarrasing cummerbund – still made it to the show) and steals the crown jewel from its rightful owner, Mrs. Irene Bivin’s delightful pick and a crowd favorite, Sammy Sosa.

Members of the Herding Group always seem to have the odds stacked against them.

Ah well. She did seem thrilled to win, and I’m trying to be happy for her and Kaz Hosaka, who finally achieved his lifetime goal.


At least that strunzo Ritchie is out of the picture. Finally. (For the record, you may have hated Ritchie but David Proval is amazing, bringing life to a role that – in anyone else’s hands – would have been a boring stereotype.)

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