On Sodding

Landscaping (not to be confused with gardening) is harsh work and should not be attempted by those of weakened constitution, individuals possessing a low tolerance to bright light, or by those who are susceptible to heat-induced fainting-spells. It is recommended instead to engage one’s ganger or factotum to complete labor of this nature.

When the tasks themselves are either too small, the specifics too particular, the costs too exorbidant, or the results too detailed so as to obsolete the potential for engaging a third party, it may on occasion be mandatory to undertake the task one’s self.

Make no mistake: Even in small doses, this is drudgery – severe, unrewarding, difficult, and agitating. After hours of work, you’ll have little to show for your efforts, especially where the removal of earth and the levelling of a patch of ground is concerned. After the toil of preparation, the final step, laying the sod, has now become an afterthought.


I remember one time I found this deep inside my in-law’s second refrigerator (stationed in the garage).

Sometimes, there aren’t any answers.

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