Old Is New

A minor re-design has taken place. For long-time readers of Hivelogic, the re-design will look more like a revival of an ancient design rather than something completely new.

Sometimes, old can be new. Familiar can be fresh.

The “new” Hivelogic is a result of your taking an older design, re-writing and modernizing the code a bit, and integrating some of the comments left by your visitors.

Less than 10% of the code (CSS or HTML) has actually changed, but the difference is noticeable.

The finished-product is a return to a simpler, more flexible design. The sidebar (technically, a wet-bar) allows for more flexibility in linking to various sub-sections and external websites. The smaller text-font allows for the display of more articles in less space, and increased legibility on non-Mac machines, should you be so un-lucky.

That’s all, then.

Update: Things (always) seem to look much better when viewed using a Mac.

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