No Car

You have no car.

Well, technically speaking, you do have a car, except your wife is driving it. In fact, she has been driving it regularly for some time now because it’s much nicer and safer than her (now past) primary car. What had been her primary car became your primary car because you work from your home-based office and have a much shorter commute.

But then the lease ended on that car (her car, then your car). So you turned it in. Walked away. Done with that.

So now your car is her car, until such time that there is a new car. Not for sure that it will be new. It may be old, or older, rather. Or not.


  • Jeremy Myser (a.k.a. the man with the best domain-name ever) went and got himself engaged.
  • The Byrdhouse is open for business.
  • Despite looking quite similar to the original, version 2 of Bogan’s waferbaby features deep changes under-the-hood, and loads faster than just about any site you’ve ever seen.
  • Gruber’s article about BBEdit and CVS is now online.
  • Upon return from South Korea, your mother-in-law brought back a huge jug of the most pure, delicious honey you have ever tasted. What you’d thought was an obscene, almost embarrassingly large quantity of the stuff is quickly being diminished, to the benefit of tea, toast, and numerous chicken- and fish-marinades and glazes.
  • You’ve been using Mark Hurst’s methodology for managing incoming email, for about a year, and it’s working very well.
  • The name of Zeldman’s latest favelet is a Freudian-slip waiting to happen.
  • You are aware that the current Hivelogic RSS Feed doesn’t validate. Visitors: please hold your calls and letters. Repairs are underway.
  • Increasing the memory in your Dual G4 (MDD) from 512mb to 1gb has made a huge difference in performance. Highly recommended.

And: instant migraine.

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