New Hivelogic T-Shirts

June 17, 2009 Update: The sale is over and the store is closed! Thanks to everybody who ordered.

At long last, I’m happy to announce that Hivelogic T-Shirts are available for sale again in the new Hivelogic Store. Here are the details:

  1. New logo: In 2007, my friend Dan Cederholm created a fantastic logo for Hivelogic. As much as still I love Dan’s concept, I wanted something new to connect with the site’s recent changes and new focus. The new logo was designed by the amazingly talented Nik Holmes.
  2. The shirt: The new shirts sport the brand new Hivelogic logo, and are printed on American Apparel Sunshine (and Ash Grey now, too) T-shirts. It’s nearly summertime, let’s brighten things up.
  3. Many sizes for guys and girls: The new shirt is available in every size American Apparel offers, in both guys and girls cuts. If I get enough requests, I may be able to add some sizes for babies and kids, too.
  4. Timetable: I’ll be taking orders from today until Wednesday, June 17. At that time, I’ll hand the orders over to my main man Brian Jaramillo of Oddica, who will be handling printing and fulfillment for me. Orders should ship in the beginning of July, just in time for your first BBQ.
  5. New Store: The new Hivelogic Store is even more awesome because it’s powered by Shopify, which allows you to create a fully-hosted, completely customizable online store without the hassle.

Update: By popular request, I’ve added an Ash Grey American Apparel T-shirt for those of you who didn’t like the yellow one. If you ordered a yellow one and want a grey one instead, contact me right away and let me know. If you’re really cool, though, you’ll order both.

Now that I’m independent again, your support will have a more direct impact than ever. If you’re looking for a way to look incredibly, totally, way-cool while supporting my writing, podcasting, and screencasting efforts at the same time.

I’d never be where I am today without your support and readership. Thanks for sticking around all these years.

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